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GE Capital CFO Survey Reveals State of Pharma Industry in 2010, 2011

Industry CFOs are driving much of the current strategy of big pharma, which is to push costs of administration and selling down to compensate for low rates of organic growth through new product introductions. This survey of their views is timely and important in gauging the direction of pharma strategy in the next year. Last week, […]
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Alliance Management is Being Neglected, Says Study

Survey finds disconnect between perceived importance of alliance management function at  C-level and actual commitment to it. The Rhythm of Business has released the results of a recent study titled The Practice of Alliance Management in the Biopharmaceutical Industry that examines the state of alliance management in pharmaceutical companies. The study, co-sponsored by the Biopharma […]
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Recasting Big Pharmas R&D Role: Wellcome Trust or Wal-Mart?

New research suggests it’s time industry took a radically different approach to drug development, leaving compound innovation to others while mobilizing its global scale and promotional muscle to drive timely acceptance in the marketplace. The biggest strategic issue confronting Big Pharma today is balancing that legacy of ”big” — maintaining the capacity to invest in […]
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MedImmune Bets Its Fate on “Biobetters”

AstraZeneca’s biologics shop makes a decisive move in the biosimilars market. MedImmune, the biologics shop bought by AstraZeneca (AZ) for a staggering $15 billion in 2007 promising one new drug a year for the foundering British firm, has made precious little news since the deal. But all of a sudden the post-Labor Day wires were […]
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How Do We Raise R&D Productivity?

That’s the big question that no one has answered yet. So perhaps its worth breaking it down into smaller parts, suggests Dr Brian D Smith. An ill-posed question is a mathematician’s term that well describes what many Big Pharma companies are asking themselves, namely, how can we raise R&D productivity? It’s ill-posed because it has […]
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