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Can Sanofi's Expanding Predictive Modeling Technology Enhance the Productivity of R&D?

As the hurdles to successful commercialization of new medicines continue to mount, the ability to find and exploit cost efficiencies in the development process has become a critical source of competitive advantage.  This is true not only for biologic drugs but also increasingly for vaccines, now a high growth segment of the medicines business, with […]
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With Botanicals, No Patent, No Expiry, says Sanofi Exec

What if a new drug could be trademarked instead of patented, keeping generics companies at bay for the life of the trademark, i.e., forever? That was one of the ideas floated to reporters yesterday by Sanofi-Aventis’ Ray Jupp, VP of the fibrosis and wound repair therapeutic strategic unit, an early-stage research division created as part […]
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Is Sanofi Right to Bank on MS Drug?

Newswires have long been waiting for Sanofi-Aventis to officially announce its acquisition of US biotech company Genzyme, but what few analysts were expecting is just how much the transaction would hedge on one potentially controversial product. As the focus of Sanofi’s contingent value rights (CVR) approach, Genzyme’s multiple sclerosis treatment Lemtrada (also sold as Campath […]
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Medicines Malaise: Sanofi's Fresh Bet on Patient Centric R&D

With a new R&D structure and a high profile appointment to lead it, Sanofi is bidding for leadership in that “new model” the industry is seeking to replenish its anemic pipeline of new products Reinvigorating the productive capacity of in-house R&D is the most prominent strategic challenge confronting big Pharma.  There are many options but […]
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Genzyme Snubs Sanofi Offer

Less than 24 hours after offering to purchase Genzyme for $18.5 billion, Sanofi-Aventis was sent a letter of rejection from the biotech firm’s board of directors stating that the offer just wasn’t worth it. “Without exception, each member of the Genzyme board believes this is not the right time to sell the company, because your […]
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