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Belviq's Battle of the Bulge

Arena Pharmaceuticals’ and marketing partner Eisai’s Belviq – the first FDA-approved drug to treat obesity in over a decade – is making progress with payers and beefing up sales forces to target primary care physicians. DTC support began in September. Perhaps the most significant development in obesity of late is the recognition by payers – […]
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Using Social Networks to Increase Sales

Social networks existed long before Mark Zuckerberg came along. What hasn’t existed until recently are the tools, metrics and case studies necessary to understand how physicians influence each other within professional networks, and how these relationships can be used to change prescribing behavior.
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Sales Rep vs. eDetail: Consider the Practice Area

Forget illegal immigrants, it is machines that are stealing American jobs. For some medical practice areas, however, digital details haven’t sufficiently stepped in where their human sales rep predecessors have stepped (or have been pushed) out, according to a survey of U.S. physicians.
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GSK Reps Trade Sales Targets for Sales Competencies

Last summer, GlaxoSmithKline announced plans to upend the pay structure for its US-based sales reps by removing incentives based on hard sales figures, or how many pills are sold. Instead of rewarding reps for the amount of product sold, GSK would begin rewarding reps for the quality of relationship they engender, the company said.
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Shrinks Like Latuda Over the Competition, Survey Finds

Psychiatrists are more likely to recommend Sunovion Pharmaceuticals’ Latuda to colleagues than Merck’s Saphris or Novartis’ Fenapt, according to a DTW Marketing Research survey. All three drugs are atypical antipsychotics indicated for schizophrenia, and had US launches in late 2009 (Saphris), early 2010 (Fenapt) and February of this year (Latuda). Latuda, however, appears to be […]
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