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PCORI Opens its Pocketbook

The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute, or PCORI, announced last week that it will be granting a total of $12 million for up to 14 contracts for studies aimed at improving upon existing research methodologies to demonstrate clinical effectiveness. The improvements seek to benefit researchers, policy-makers, clinicians, caregivers and patients in making tough healthcare decisions by offering more efficient processes and stronger validation benchmarks for research studies conducted in the public and private sector.
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Obamacare After Nov 6th: Trouble for Pharma?

by Tom Norton No doubt the November 6th election is going to be close, very close: close for the Presidency, close for the Senate, and possibly close for the House.  So close, in fact, it’s possible that no substantial political change will occur in Washington, as a result. That said, for the U.S. pharmaceutical industry […]
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PCORI, Priorities, and Politics

William Looney looks at the three P’s of effectiveness  research:  PCORI, Priorities, and Politics If you ever wanted to know what health economists might do with a billion dollars, the Obama Administration’s  Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute [PCORI] is about to tell all:  not right down to the penny, but good enough.  The congressionally funded – […]
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New Roster of Players to Debate Comparative Effectiveness Standards

Methodologies are the heart of any consistent approach to certifying comparative effectiveness for new medicines—semantics aside, it’s the way payers and providers are going to determine clinical “value” and, by subtle extrapolation, their cost against existing alternative therapies. Last week, the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute [PCORI] created through federal health reform legislation moved one […]
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