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Three Questions to Ask About Your Life Sciences Patents

By Marian T. Flattery and Michael J. Flibbert The decisions you make today about patents – what, when and where to file – could have implications tantamount to billions of dollars in R&D investment and sales over the next two decades. Given the increasing importance of lifecycle management in the context of increasing generic usage […]
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Supreme Court: Prometheus Decision a Harbinger for Myriad?

In judging the Prometheus patents invalid, the Supreme Court may have shown its hand on the upcoming Myriad Genetics case. In a unanimous decision on Tuesday, the Supreme Court stripped two Prometheus patents on the grounds that the company didn’t go far enough beyond merely identifying a natural law. Natural laws – a product of […]
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With Botanicals, No Patent, No Expiry, says Sanofi Exec

What if a new drug could be trademarked instead of patented, keeping generics companies at bay for the life of the trademark, i.e., forever? That was one of the ideas floated to reporters yesterday by Sanofi-Aventis’ Ray Jupp, VP of the fibrosis and wound repair therapeutic strategic unit, an early-stage research division created as part […]
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Industry, Patents and Public Health: Wimps on the Barbie?

The welcome news of a compact between industry and the WHO to fight neglected diseases in the developing world only highlights a much more spotty industry record of engagement on sensitive policy issues like intellectual property rights. One of the industry’s more ambitious policy-driven efforts occurred some five years ago with a strong, well-funded and […]
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