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Sponsor–CMO Relationships: Critical Issues

Eric Langer assesses the results of a recent survey of what biopharm companies want from CMOs. Contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) should have the technical expertise to be considered by clients for partnerships. It’s no longer enough for them to lay claim to technology, regulatory compliance, and IP protection expertise, as these increasingly become non-negotiable issues, according […]
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Cost Cutting No Longer Main Driver of Outsourcing

Biopharmaceutical companies have traditionally considered outsourcing as a way to control costs and manage their internal resources to make the core activities left in-house more efficient. But in recent years, surveys of biopharmaceutical manufacturers by BioPlan Associates have shown that cost cutting is, by far, not the primary reason companies outsource anymore. In fact, this […]
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The CMO Industry: Stuck in Neutral

The contract manufacturing industry isn’t gaining market share. Could it be that the CMO business model is out of synch with the current realities of the bio/pharmaceutical industry? Jim Miller reports. PharmSource recently completed an analysis of the dose CMO industry’s share of new FDA approvals (1). Our research found that of the 90 new […]
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Report Reveals Global Supply Chain Fears

A new report published by Axendia is calling for better collaboration with suppliers, distributors, shippers, and regulators. Global pharmaceutical outsourcing has become increasingly prevalent, but is creating a complex and risky supply chain environment that has pharmaceutical and life sciences executives on high alert, according to a new study co-sponsored by PwC and published last […]
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