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Protecting Your "Online Reputation"

By Don Sorenson. For CEOs who have spent long years and countless funds building a solid pharmaceutical brand and life-changing drugs, discovering defamatory remarks about your company online can come as quite a shock. Even worse, the negative comments about the company are often published on social media and popular review websites that rank high […]
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Close to Home: Is Good Health Communicable?

The 2011 Edelman Health Barometer suggests that—in the same way that we spread colds, diseases, and other illnesses from person to person—good health and healthy behaviors can also be spread. Can pharma play a pivotal role in the good-health epidemic? Energy. An active lifestyle. Mental and emotional stability. Absence of disease. Nutrition. These are some […]
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Marketing: A Digital Disconnect

Peter Houston is concerned that pharma is taking too long getting to grips with digital marketing. I was at the 2nd European DigiPharm conference in London last week. I didn’t manage the whole two days, but what I did see left me a little concerned that pharma is still struggling with digital marketing. This is […]
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The Thing About SitesLikeThese

Sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll are infiltrating pharma. Jacky Law reflects on the benefits of the digital world. Epiphany moments come when you least expect them. I had the taste of one recently when I heard a senior pharma sales manager on video describing his previous life as a rock journalist. The jolt […]
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Social Media and Healthcare Consumers: A Report

In the past decade, social networking has changed the way most of us live our day-to-day lives. So how has it affected pharma’s relationship with consumers, and vice versa? A recent report from ROI Research grants a glimpse into this changing relationship. Social networking is no longer something people (patients, healthcare providers, physicians) are merely […]
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