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Tough Times Ahead for New Medicines under NHS England?

By Leela Barham You’d be forgiven for missing it with the vast array of new agencies and the policy documents, guidance, consultations and ‘engagement’ activity they’re doing on in the ‘new’ NHS in England, but on the 4th April NHS England (formerly the NHS Commissioning Board) set out 15 commissioning policies in 250 pages.  They’re […]
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England's Cancer Drug Fund: An Acid Test for Value Based Pricing

By Leela Barham. England’s Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) could be in its final financial year, after running in full since April 2011.  The fund covers the cost of cancer treatments either when NICE has said ‘no’, or hasn’t yet come to a view.  Companies can’t circumvent NICE though; if a company was invited to submit […]
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NICE: What the New Compliance Regime Will Mean for Pharma

By Martin Smith and Tim Suter. A recent decision by the Department of Health (DoH) to introduce a compliance regime for NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) technology appraisals will open the door to ensuring better implementation by NHS Trusts and Joint Prescribing Groups of NICE guidance. Importantly, the regime will also open […]
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Naughty Localities Need to Obey NICE, or Else!

Like governors in the US vowing to block Medicaid expansion in their home states, local primary care trusts (PCTs) in the UK don’t always follow national guidelines on drug access due to budgetary concerns. But that may change in 2013; according to comments made by Minister David Willetts last month, NHS could face monetary penalties […]
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NICE News or Bad News?

Far from losing its mojo, the UK’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) will simply be sharing the stage with a range of new players under NHS reform — none of whom look supportive of the R&D industry. The big issue for industry in the UK this week is handicapping the future of […]
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