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The FTC's Beef with Pay For Delay: What's the Fuss?

Yesterday, the Supreme Court heard arguments on the matter of pay-for-delay settlements between patent holders and generic firms. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) hopes to overturn the 11th federal circuit’s ruling that such settlements are not anti-competitive on the grounds that these settlements amount to a restraint of trade under the commerce clause of the […]
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FTC v. Actavis: The Wrong End of the Telescope

by Traci Medford-Rosow and Peter C. Richardson On December 8, 2012, the Supreme Court agreed to hear the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) v. Actavis, Inc. case. The court’s grant of certiorari marked the latest chapter in a decade-long effort by the FTC to have the court rule on the festering issue of whether pay-for-delay provisions […]
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