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Planning Beyond the Petri Dish: A Pfizer Case Study

Pfizer’s crizotinib development program combined organization, art, and science— and a large dose of unforeseen risk. The path to commercializing a breakthrough discovery is rarely a linear process. The orderly rationale of the scientific method is often overtaken by the random artistry of passion, personality, business culture, and sheer luck. Each plays a significant role […]
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Indian Government Proposes Ban on Physician Gifts

India’s Department of Pharmaceuticals released a 14-page “voluntary code” for drug marketers, which includes a strict ban on gifts to prescribers, among other things. The code, which is open for public comment until June 30th, states that “no gifts, pecuniary advantages or benefits in kind may be supplied, offered or promised to persons qualified to […]
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Emerging Markets: Looking Beyond the Heady Growth Numbers

A sweet helping of “Turkish delight” for local generic producers amounts to harsh medicine for foreign innovator firms… Emerging markets remain the ace in the card deck for big pharma seeking alternatives to the global slowdown in demand for medicines.  The “pharmerging 17” are dealing a strong hand, with a consensus for continued double-digit growth […]
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New Decade, New Agenda for Pharma

A new track for nonprofits, product diversification and the rise of the emerging markets —  Audrey S. Erbes reports on some of the takeaways from this week’s JP Morgan Healthcare Conference. There were some surprising changes in the format of the 29th Annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, the world’s premier health care industry investment meeting […]
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What Can Big Pharma Learn From Other Industries in Emerging Markets?

Building a durable base for growth in emerging markets is top line in pharma’s strategy to compensate for slowing sales in the US and Europe.   Key to success is moving beyond the traditional reliance on serving the smallest, most affluent segment of the market to seed critical mass: expanding resources for health, broadening the customer […]
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