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EU Tense as Crunch-Time for Counterfeits Approaches

By Reflector, Pharm Exec’s Brussels correspondent. Tensions are rising in Europe’s pharmaceutical sector as crunch-time approaches for the legislation to combat counterfeits. By this time next year, the European Commission is due to have decided on the mechanisms required to put into effect the European Union’s hugely complex new rules to keep falsified medicines out […]
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European Clinical Trials Policy Gets Caught Up in Politics

The latest stage of Europe’s attempt to update its clinical trials rules offered a mildly distressing spectacle of the intrusion of politics into policy, writes Peter O’ Donnell. It is inevitable, of course, that legislation should be colored by politics in any democracy, since legislators, being elected, are by nature political animals. But in an […]
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Saving Greece's Healthcare System: A Harbinger for Europe?

A just-published report from the European taskforce trying to help Greece crawl out of its crisis makes clear just how significant a role health reform is supposed to play in restoring health to the economy. It is, in a very acute form, a harbinger of what is around the corner for the other countries of […]
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European Pharma Bets on Greek Salvation

The French philosopher Pascal calculated that it was better to believe in God than to disbelieve. After offering the country a €2.88 billion cap on drug spending, it looks like European pharma is taking that view with regard to Greece. Reflector reports. The European pharma industry looks like it is accepting Pascal’s Wager in Greece. […]
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EFPIA Calls for New Deal in Europe

EFPIA president Andrew Witty is hoping that the deepening European economic crisis will impel European leaders towards more courageous and radical solutions, writes Reflector. With the European economic and financial crisis deepening all the time, the healthcare sector in general — and the pharmaceutical sector in particular — faces further constraints from cost cutting. As […]
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