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Data: Is Bigger Always Better?

One of the things that we’re hearing a lot about right now is big data. We’re told that we’re entering an era of big data that will come to transform business and government services alike. For data, so the thinking goes, the bigger the better. But, asks Agnitio‘s Morten Hjelmsoe,  is this always the case?
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Forget Digital Differentiation: Focus on Cross-Channel ‘Fusion’

Forget digital differentiation and innovation. You need to be focusing on cross-channel ‘fusion’, writes Peter Houston. Like you, I get invites to attend educational webinars on an almost daily basis; I probably actually attend one every couple of weeks. Most invites get passed over because it’s not my field, I’ve heard it all before or […]
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Good Gamification Isn’t Child’s Play

By Peter Houston. One of 2012’s biggest buzzwords was “Gamification” and that probably means that in 2013 there are a lot of people trying to sell you on the value of gamifying your pharma business. Excellent, there’s a lot of value in there, but before you head off to commission your own “Pharmaville” app, you […]
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Crowd Sourcing: The Time Has Come

By Marylyn Donahue. Crowd sourcing is hardly new, not even for pharma. Pfizer launched the first ever clinical trial to recruit and communicate with patients entirely via the Internet in 2011. Although it did shut down earlier last year due to lack of participants. But that certainly doesn’t mean crowd sourcing (use of web-based technologies […]
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Pharma's Chaos Scenario: Why the Old Commercial Model Just Won't Cut It

By Peter Houston, Director of Content, Advanstar Communications. A couple of years ago I spoke at a Life Sciences Forum organized by Oracle. The audience was 100-percent life science and IT professionals, but I spoke about the magazine business. Why? Cynics say because I don’t know enough about science or IT, but really it was […]
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