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Margaret Hamburg Addresses Biopharma’s Pressing Issues

Speaking at the 2014 New York BIO conference, FDA Commissioner, Dr. Margaret Hamburg, addressed the pressing issues affecting the biopharmaceutical industry and the FDA. Applied Clinical Trials’ Moe Alsumidaie relays Dr Hamburg’s the highlights of Dr. Hamburg’s presentation below.
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Ukraine: Still Open for Clinical Trials

By Lisa Henderson, Applied Clinical Trials. The recent geopolitical developments in Ukraine have seriously influenced the conditions and the environment for clinical trials in Ukraine and in Russia. In a webinar today, Natalia Fetkovska, Senior Partner at SanaClis, a CRO providing clinical trial services for Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), highlighted the problems.
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Q&A: Nathan Tinker, New York Biotechnology Association

While at the 2014 New York BIO Conference (NYBIO), Applied Clinical Trials‘ Moe Alsumidaie spoke to Nathan Tinker, Executive Director at the New York Biotechnology Association, about challenges in early phase development. The New York Biotechnology Association is dedicated to the development and growth of New York State-based bioscience related industries and institutions. Moe Alsumidaie: How […]
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BRIC Nations' "Blossoming Healthcare Budgets" Revive Clinical Trials Opportunities

While some clinical trial sponsors have been driven out of the BRIC nations, a rise in rank for each country — Brazil, Russia, India, China — is expected over the next four years, indicating “blossoming healthcare budgets and markets that are ripe with opportunities for development”. According to a Thomson Reuters report, Overcoming Clinical Challenges in BRIC […]
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How We Fall into Clinical Trial Metrics Malpractice

Effective clinical trial management depends on accurate and unbiased performance measurement. Performance measures are the lens through which managers monitor clinical trials and assess trial quality. Using the wrong metric or having biased measures distorts managers’ view and hinders effective trial oversight. It is important, then, that clinical trials managers make sure that they are […]
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