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Do Oncology Trials Need PR?

Only 3% to 5% of cancer patients participate in clinical trials. Although oncology projects account for almost 31% of global projects, it remains the most difficult therapeutic area in which to conduct clinical trials.  Why, and what can be done to improve patient recruitment? Read More »

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New Republican Congress to Tackle Health Reform, Biomedical Innovation, Tax Policy

The 2014 mid-term elections handed over control of the Senate to Republicans and boosted the GOP majority in the House, a clear blow to Obama administration policies, including the president’s landmark health reform initiative.  Voters were most dismayed about the economy and lack of jobs, but U.S. military snafus overseas and concerns about the Ebola outbreak further heightened dissatisfaction. Democrats who voiced support for health reform lost key races, a sign of broad unhappiness over Washington gridlock — even among those who have benefited from expanded health coverage. Read More »

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Doctors Sans Borders and Sans Politics

“Don’t panic, this is the victory of the virus,” said Bernard Kouchner, co-founder of Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders).doctors without borders

The former French Foreign Minister jokingly urged the audience at American Museum of Natural History in New York City on October 28 not to rush for the exits even though he was fresh off a trip to Ebola afflicted Guinea. Read More »

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Top 10 Medical Innovations for 2015

The Cleveland Clinic once again ended its Medical Innovation Summit with a list of 10 advances voted most likely to have a major impact on improving patient care in 2015. Read More »

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We Need to Rock the Boat to Make Research Soar

By Wayne Kubick, Applied Clinical Trials.

We hear it all the time these days: research processes have to undergo transformative changes in order for research organizations to thrive—or even survive. Controlled clinical trials take too long and cost too much. Regulatory review is blocking innovation. Research data must be shared transparently, drug manufacturers need to listen to the patient, reuse of real world healthcare data can improve and maybe replace clinical trials, and pre-competitive collaborations can solve our common problems.

Sometimes such talk leads to new ideas that stick. More often they are explored briefly by a valiant few, only to fizzle out in the end. Innovation is for the bold, but the pharmaceutical research industry is restrained by risk aversion and the perceived fear of regulatory repercussions—new ideas are fine as long as we don’t deviate from the tried, true, and duly SOP’d order sanctioned by our regulatory department and quality assurance auditors.  So nice idea, young whippersnapper, but let it go—you’re less likely to drown if you don’t rock the boat. Read More »

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