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Emerging Pharma Leaders: Ian Harris, Janssen Research & Development

When he left school, Ian Harris wanted a career in brewing. He enrolled on a biochemistry degree with the intention of going on to study a master’s in brewing at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, UK. But after spending, as part of his first degree, a year in the pharmacutical industry developing in vitro disease models for dermatology and oncology at the old GlaxoSmithKline site in Greenford, brewing fell off his agenda. Harris now wanted a career translating science into therapies. Read More »

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Medical Marijuana Trials: Pre-empted by Politics

There has been a lot of debate on the therapeutic use of marijuana. There are currently 24 states that have legalized marijuana for medical use. Most recently, two states, Washington and Colorado, have legalised the drug for recreational use.

While there is literature that suggests benefits of marijuana for medicinal use, particularly in animal models, funding and approvals for therapeutic marijuana use in clinical trials is limited. For example, Dr. Sue Sisley, a psychiatrist at the University of Arizona, lost her job over a proposal to study marijuana on posttraumatic stress disorder patients.

In this article, Applied Clinical Trials’ Moe Alsumidaie talks to Donald Abrams, MD, Cancer and Integrative Medicine Specialist at the UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at Mount Zion, and Chief of Hematology and Oncology at San Francisco General Hospital, about his experience in running therapeutic marijuana clinical trials. Click here.


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M&As: Past, Present, and Future

Pharmaceutical Technology’s Faiz Kermani looks at the long history of pharma mergers and finds no sign of the trend slowing down.

Faiz Kermani

Faiz Kermani

It was suggested that in one week of April the total value of various rumored deals was of the order of US$100 billion, illustrating how cash-rich major pharmaceutical companies are. Many of the larger companies looking for deals are themselves the product of a series of M&As that took place over the past two decades. Critics have long argued that previous mergers have not made these companies more efficient, and that their failure to achieve the growth targets promised to investors is why they continue to seek tie ups with other companies possessing lucrative blockbuster products and promising drug pipelines. Nevertheless, companies believe that such deals can add value in the long run for their shareholders. In fact, judging by stock market performance, it would appear that the major companies are performing well financially. Read More »

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Pharma Manufacturing Investments Reflect Key Industry Trends

Shrinking facility size, growth of biologics, and emerging market demand influence pharma investments. Pharmaceutical Technology’s Cynthia Challener offers summary of selected investments in both small- and large-molecule manufacturing facilities during the last year.

Numerous trends in the pharmaceutical industry, and particularly in the biopharmaceutical sector, are leading to the need for smaller-capacity production facilities, which in turn is affecting the types of investments being made by pharmaceutical manufacturers. First is the shift to biologic-based drugs, which has occurred along with a dramatic increase in the productivity, mainly in terms of much higher titers, of biopharmaceutical processes. Read More »

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Google Glass — A User's Guide in Healthcare

Three medical affairs experts — Sean Turbeville, David A. Wells, and Charles Wolfus — review the capabilities of Google’s latest technology for delivering information to healthcare professionals in the field. Read More »

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