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Healthcare Reform in China: A Doubled-Edge Sword for Foreign Firms?

The Chinese market is attractive to foreign investors for many reasons. It is the world’s third largest market for pharmaceuticals with annual sale of US$71 billion.  In fact, it is poised to become the second largest market in 2015 given that its annual growth rate of sales is between 15 and 20%, according to Yanzhong Huang, a senior fellow of global health at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Given these encouraging facts, Big Pharma companies such as Bayer Healthcare and Nova Nordisk consider the Chinese market as one of the top three markets in terms of total revenue contribution. Baxter International has also made the move to relocate its Asia Pacific headquarters to Shanghai. 

But the country’s healthcare reforms may be a double-edged sword for foreign companies, writes Jan Wan in this Biopharm International article.

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Medical Affairs: From Info Gatekeeper to Value Driver

The role of medical affairs is taking on greater importance, as relationships between life sciences companies and external stakeholders become more complicated. Medical affairs is required to communicate more often with medical practitioners, scientific researchers, patients, patient advocates, and government authorities, and to provide these groups with more complex and more comprehensive information.

Unfortunately, many life sciences companies still think the goal of medical affairs should be to limit and control the content that the company gives to external stakeholders. Enterprises often create “silos” within their organizations, where medical affairs, sales and marketing people, and clinical researchers don’t share critical data. When this happens, medical affairs doesn’t get the information it needs to develop productive external relationships. Read More »

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13 Years Right: Behind This Year’s Pharm Exec Industry Audit

Pharm Exec‘s 13th Industry Audit looks at how well a cross section of companies in big Pharma, mid-tier specialty and biotech are delivering against today’s hottest performance metric: shareholder value. When we began the series back in September 2002, this kind of broad indicator—indeed the very concept of “value”—was often discounted by the investment community in favor of the narrow, predictable balance sheet measures linked to generally accepted accounting and financial principles. (Access the Audit here.) Read More »

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Pharm Exec Global Digest: Technology Special

PEGD0814In this special Technology Issue of Pharm Exec Global Digest: Apple or Big Pharma: Who Will Lead in the Wearable Healthcare Device Space?; Google Glass — a Healthcare User’s Guide; UBISTART’s New Payout for Innovative Start-ups; and more… Click here to read the issue.

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Latest Developments in Alzheimer’s R&D

With drug-development efforts in Alzheimer’s disease continuing to produce underwhelming results—as clinicians have long battled the inherent diagnosis and translational research challenges associated with the disorder—it’s no secret that there is increased clinical focus now on the prevention and early detection of Alzheimer’s. Those were two areas of emphasis at the recent Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) in Denmark. In fact, data presented at the event that reported a decline in incidence of dementia in the U.S. and Europe seems to indicate that reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s and even preventing the disease may be possible.

Critical to those pursuits, however, will be future learnings generated from the growing recognition that treatment approaches in Alzheimer’s should target multiple pathologies. Read More »

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