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How Gilead “Blew Out the Lights” With Sovaldi

While flipping through my emails recently, I froze before an image that appeared on my screen. An old Rx colleague had sent me a graph, mapping out the 2014 U.S. sales achieved by Gilead’s Hep C drug, Sovaldi. It was stunning. Take a look: Read More »

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Pharma Showing Signs of Stability Despite Patent Cliffs

The pharmaceutical market is beginning to show signs of stability, with a review of 30 leading companies highlighting combined revenues of $718.7 billion in 2013, down just 0.2% from 2012, according to GlobalData. Read More »

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Tufts Pegs Drug Development Cost at $2.6 billion – MSF Cries Foul

A cool $2.6 billion is the going rate to develop and gain market approval for a drug, according to the recent study by the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development (CSDD). Read More »

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Actavis Marches Ahead with Acquisition Spree

Actavis’s agreed purchase of Allergan for around $66 billion will help grow the Dublin-based specialty pharma firm to a $22 billion healthcare company in 2015 — a “dramatic elevation”, given the $8.7 billion revenues it recorded in 2013, reports research and consulting firm GlobalData. Read More »

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CMS Struggles to Fix Sunshine System

The feds have “a long way to go” to get the Open Payments system operating effectively and user friendly, according to officials in charge of the financial disclosure program. “Sunshine” went live September 30, 2014, as scheduled, but incomplete and contradictory data listings made it necessary to withhold nearly one-third of financial transaction reports from pharma and medical device companies.

“This was our first shot at getting the data out there,” acknowledged Doug Brown, acting director of the Data Sharing & Partnership Group at the Center for Program Integrity, which runs the Open Payments program for the HHS Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Read More »

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