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Pharma and Biotech Trends 2014

Peter Young examines the fast-moving growth drivers for the two segments and what their 2014 numbers mean for respective M&A and other strategies going forward.

The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, like all industries, are facing industry-specific changes coupled with disruptive events in the external global environment. The industry business factors include the productivity and cost of R&D; the changing relationships with patients and providers; shifts in patent laws and regulation; and reductions in global government spending and behavior with regard to pricing and intellectual property. External factors include a global economy struggling to achieve growth; the financial and economic woes of many of the emerging market countries such as India and Brazil; a deterioration in the Euro Zone business and economic conditions; a solid economic recovery in the US; an outbreak of geopolitical tensions around the world; and a positive surge in global stock market valuations.

Peter Young, Young & Partners

Peter Young, Young & Partners

Highlighted in this article are these and other details from the “Pharma and Biotech Strategic, M&A, and Financial Trends Report,” recently completed by Young & Partners (Y&P), that covers the first three quarters of 2014 and the outlook for the future.

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UK: Saatchi Innovation Bill Still Divisive

 The innovation debate (Why isn’t there more or it? How much should we pay for it? Just what is it anyway?!) remains a lively one in the UK. Lord Saatchi’s Medical Innovation Bill is just one part of this debate. It’s intended to mitigate against so called ‘defensive’ medicine, where clinicians might not prescribe or undertake surgery that differs from the ‘standard’ because they fear prosecution.

The Bill is still progressing through the House of Lords. In part, progress has been helped by the introduction of amendments, ‘safeguards’ to guard against quackery. The latest of which was just prepared on November 20, 2014. These amendments seem to have won over some of the detractors. Read More »

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Trending: Wearables and Invisibles

wearableI can’t help imagining the cocktail party of 2018 as a scene from one of those a low-budget sci-fi film aired late at night. Imagine: A living room packed with people too busy to chat with each other as they balance their drinks with one hand and monitor their sleeves of devices and smartphones with the other — emailing, texting checking their wearable ECGs (electrocardiograms); glucose monitors and even insulin pumps.

A new report by Juniper Research, Smart Health & Fitness Wearables: Device Strategies, Trends & Forecasts 2014-2019, found that fitness wearables in-use will almost treble by 2018, compared to an estimated 19 million in-use devices this year. Sam Smith of Juniper Research said that fitness devices are expected to remain the dominant wearable segment, driven by intuitive use cases and lower retail prices. However, beyond 2018, the broader appeal of smart watches will mean that they will be used more frequently in later years.” Read More »

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Risking It All? Risk-Based Monitoring at Cancer Research UK

“Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go,” said T.S. Elliot. Cancer Research UK (CRUK) followed this advice when it decided to have its Center for Drug Development (CDD) adopt a risk-based monitoring (RBM) approach across its entire portfolio of clinical trials. This decision has revealed how risk-adjusted approaches can bring greater than 20% efficiency savings in the monitoring of early phase oncology trials, which were previously believed to be unsuitable for RBM.

Sherraine Hurd explains the process of moving to RBM in this Applied Clinical Trials article.

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The Year of Living Openly: Europe and Transparency 2015

The past year has brought significant changes not only in regulatory mandates and guidances but also regarding a broader overall emphasis on coordination of information and processes.

The regulators have prioritized transparency and harmonization for some time but underscored them to an even greater degree in 2014; 2015 is likely to see the trend intensify. Read More »

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