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Mind the (Generation) Gap: The Hunt for Talent in Asia

As more global life sciences firms see their Asian businesses skyrocket, the search for strong, internationally savvy talent in Asia-Pacific has never been more competitive, writes Susan Macdonald of RSA.

The need to build manufacturing and commercial infrastructure in Asia-Pacific with the associated regulatory, quality and compliance processes to satisfy Western authorities is reaching new heights for life sciences companies of all shapes and sizes. As the market’s eastward shift appears more permanent, the incentive for medical device, pharma, biotech, nutrition, generic and consumer health-care companies to establish and grow their businesses in Asia-Pacific has never been more urgent.

This sense of urgency translates into a highly competitive environment to recruit suitably qualified individuals. The ability of companies to attract, develop and retain highly knowledgeable and skilled business leaders in Asia is critical to many companies’ ability to gain, build and maintain a strong foothold in this rapidly growing region.

Like many growing markets, the skills gap is a major hurdle to overcome when identifying, attracting, retaining and developing the senior talent that will grow a life sciences business. Traditional MBA programs teach local and foreign talent the basics of running a commercial operation, but in specialist life sciences and medical device companies, industry knowledge and experience is critical.

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Ebola Outbreak Raises Ethical Issues

The development of new treatments and preventives to combat the lethal Ebola virus has been slow, marked by caution at public health agencies to approve testing of high-risk compounds, and reluctance of biopharmaceutical companies to invest in a field with limited market potential. All that has changed now, as thousands of people have been sickened by the virus, and the death rate has escalated. The risk of harm from an untested treatment now is much less alarming than the prospect of infection, and the potential benefit of any effective treatment outweighs the need for regulatory caution. Read More »

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Emerging Pharma Leaders: Jamey Millar, GSK

Storytelling, since time immemorial, has served an important role in conveying information, expectations, and obligations. Stories can function as orientation guides, uniting readers or listeners around a common set of assumptions. The best stories also contain an element of surprise, a reminder of the unexpected possibilities, and chance occurrences that bind our lives together.

After completing a liberal arts undergraduate degree in English Literature at Hamilton College, in upstate New York, Jamey Millar, GSK’s vice president, oncology business unit head, took the logical next step: he got a job with Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals.

“I don’t think that’s necessarily the direct path into the pharmaceutical business, but as it turned out, Hamilton College had a career channel pipeline to Procter & Gamble,” says Millar, who has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 24 years. “I interviewed with P&G and evaluated options between consumer packaged goods and pharmaceuticals, and chose healthcare without hesitation and haven’t looked back.”

Jamey Millar

Jamey Millar

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Sponsor–CMO Relationships: Critical Issues

Eric Langer assesses the results of a recent survey of what biopharm companies want from CMOs.

Contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) should have the technical expertise to be considered by clients for partnerships. It’s no longer enough for them to lay claim to technology, regulatory compliance, and IP protection expertise, as these increasingly become non-negotiable issues, according to results from BioPlan Associates’ 11th Annual Report and Survey of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Capacity and Production. Read More »

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The Future of Oncology is Now

Applied Clinical Trials’ Lisa Henderson speaks to Novella Clinical CEO Richard Staub.

Last August, Quintiles announced its intention to purchase Novella Clinical, specifically for its focus on small and mid-sized oncology biopharma clients, as well as medical device and diagnostics companies. We checked in with Novella President Richard Staub to discuss post-acquisition life, outsourcing, and emerging trends in oncology.

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