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The US Biotech Drug Pricing Challenge

by Tom Norton

In the midst of the hue and cry last week over the public release of individual Medicare payments to physicians, I was surprised to read that one of Medicare’s most costly medical services is — ophthalmology.  According to the New York Times:

“One of the most heavily reimbursed procedures — costing a total of $1 billion for 143,000 patients — is for a single treatment for an eye disorder common in the elderly.” Read More »

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Biopharmaceuticals: Approvals Rate Best in Five Years

Overall, last year can be considered quite a successful one in terms of new product approvals. Nineteen products containing new biopharmaceutical molecular entities were approved in the United States and/or the European Union. These approval numbers are above average compared to the previous five years, which recorded a mean approval rate of 13 products. The 2013 annual approval rate was surpassed only in 2009, a year in which 20 new products came on the market. Read More »

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Getting Value from Big Data

By Julie Miller.

Health IT is going through an era of both expansion and convergence, in which the universe of available information is growing exponentially, while at the same time, we’re trying to smash all the resulting data together into dense little packages. It’s kind of like the big-bang theory meets big data.

Regardless of how we choose to take advantage of today’s cosmos of health information, our strategies must ultimately lead to greater affordability, quality and satisfaction. Gather all the data you want and churn it through your big data machine all day long, but if you don’t turn it into value, it’s a wasted effort. Read More »

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Say What? The Doctor-Patient Conversation

by Abby Mansfield

We spend a lot of time focusing on what our advertising says to physicians, what our reps say to physicians, and what our websites and various other channels communicate to patients. All are important in the marketing of pharma brands. But there’s another critical communication channel we can’t ignore: the doctor-patient conversation.

Read More »

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European Regulator’s Last Ditch Attempt at Transparency

By Peter O’ Donnell.

The European Medicines Agency is determined to minimize opposition to its next moves on releasing clinical trial data. It announced last week yet another consultation on its plans to publish the results of trials — a policy it initially aimed at introducing from the beginning of this year.

The latest twist in this long-running saga is that the agency will, at the beginning of May, launch “a final round of targeted consultations with key stakeholders on its draft policy on proactive publication of and access to clinical trial data.” Read More »

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