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Drug-Diagnostic Development Stymied by Payer Concerns

The shift to personalized medicine, which supports medical treatment tailored to individual patient characteristics, has been hindered by uncertainty over the value, accuracy and clinical utility of companion diagnostic tests. Even for the handful of drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration with labeling that links prescribing to specific biomarker measures, health plan operators, […]
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Unlock The True Value of Digital Communication: Knowledge, Motivation, Context

By Morten Hjelmsoe. Interaction between pharma representatives and doctors has traditionally been a paper-based and static experience in which the representative enters with one-quarter of a campaign in hand and then tries to deliver the remaining pieces three more times through the year, losing any momentum created during that initial visit. But to be effective […]
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Remote Patient Monitoring: 2014 Outlook

By Kevin Jones. Historically, pharmaceutical companies have leveraged remote patient monitoring (RPM) in a very limited way to improve data collection in clinical trials. A handful of Pharma companies have studied RPM as part of a treatment protocol and studied improvements in patient outcomes. This begs the question: Why hasn’t RPM caught on?
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Venn Life Sciences Puts LabSkin in the Game

Just think what Frankenstein could do with this product. It looks like skin, feels like skin, but it’s not skin. It’s LabSkin, a facsimile, being manufactured by a clinical research group Venn Life Sciences. Demand for replacement technologies stemmed from the European Union ban on selling cosmetics tested on animals in March 2013, proving where […]
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The Rise and Rise of Video Marketing

In less than a decade, online video marketing has moved from a standing start to become an essential part of the digital marketing mix. Online analytics experts comScore Inc. recently reported more video was watched online last year than ever before. Almost 90 percent of the American Internet audience viewed online video in December 2013, with […]
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