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Congress Clarifies Drug Compounding, Tracking Policies

Public outrage over deaths from contaminated injectables produced by large compounding pharmacies, along with rising concerns about counterfeit and unauthorized drugs entering the U.S. market, managed to lift the stalemate on Capitol Hill long enough to generate agreement on reform legislation. After months of public hearings and negotiations, Democrat and Republican leaders of the House […]
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Court Ruling Threatens Drug Shortage Remedy

The Food and  Drug Administration may no longer be able to alleviate shortages in vital drugs by permitting the import of unapproved medicines following a decision by the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. The ruling of July 23, 2013 also raises broader questions about when and how FDA can “exercise regulatory discretion” […]
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IOM: Curb Fake Meds through Track-and-Trace, but Forget "Counterfeits"

A new report from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) has drawn a lot of attention to the public health dangers of falsified and substandard medicines around the world. The aim is to build support for a range of activities that can limit the spread of fake medicines in the U.S. and help developing nations strengthen […]
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Pharma: Get Ready for the New Supply Chains

New pharma supply chains, where chill control and traceability challenges will be far more critical, will emerge over the next decade, So it’s time, argues Julian Mosquera, for the industry to upgrade its capabilities. The pharmaceuticals industry is undergoing major disruption and every comparative benchmark indicates that the sector needs to make a step change […]
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A Simple Plan (to Save US Pharma Manufacturing)

Fernando Muzzio and Mauricio Futran propose a plan to turn around pharmaceutical manufacturing in the US. Pharmaceutical manufacturing in the US is in rapid decline. Higher regulatory standards for efficacy and safety, among other reasons, have led to a significant level of difficulty in replacing “blockbusters” developed in the 1980s and 1990s that are now […]
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