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Pharma Needs To Do More Than Attract Digital Talent

Pharma needs to do more than attract digital talent As digital becomes a greater part of the Pharma marketing mainstream, can the sector attract the digital marketing talent it needs to succeed in the space? That’s a question pondered this week by Rich Meyer on his World of DTC Marketing blog. Rich, ex-Eli Lilly, was […]
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Twitter IPO Looks a Safe Bet for Pharma Marketers

A Twitter (TWTR) IPO is imminent and looks likely to cement the social network’s future – good news for pharma marketers that increasingly see the network as an important place to engage HCPs and the public. The world’s second favourite social networking platform is expected to list on the New York Stock Exchange sometime this […]
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Digital Marketing is Dead, Long Live Marketing!

Digital marketing is dead, long live marketing Everything dies eventually. Print… Dead. Television… Dead… Even God… Dead. Well hold on to your hats, someone has said it, digital marketing is no more. Speaking at the Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference, Dmexco, in Cologne last month, Marc Pritchard – global brand building officer for P&G – […]
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Wikipedia is Also a Pharma Marketing Issue

Wikipedia is also a pharma marketing issue Writing just yesterday on this blog, Beth Bengtson, principal at healthcare marketing and communications company Hale Advisors, highlighted the problem posed for public health by Wikipedia. In her post, Beth linked back to a report on Manhattan Research’s 2009 ‘Taking the Pulse’ study that showed medical articles on […]
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The Big Promise of Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

At Duke University’s Fifth Annual Technology and Healthcare Conference, Eric Siegel, founder of Predictive Analytics World and executive editor of the Predictive Analytics Times called new predictive analytical tools “inevitable” disruptions to the way physicians make treatment decisions and patients receive care. Whether you’re at a casino in Las Vegas, or a patient on the […]
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