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Turkey to See Renewed Multinational Investment, Says Report

Turkey is remains a key destination for foreign investment, and the next five years should see renewed interest from pharma multinationals, says a new report by CPhI Worldwide. Although the Turkish government’s price referencing system and fixed euro-lira conversion rate have presented a major obstacle for pharma growth, the report states that these pricing challenges […]
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How We Fall into Clinical Trial Metrics Malpractice

Effective clinical trial management depends on accurate and unbiased performance measurement. Performance measures are the lens through which managers monitor clinical trials and assess trial quality. Using the wrong metric or having biased measures distorts managers’ view and hinders effective trial oversight. It is important, then, that clinical trials managers make sure that they are […]
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Pharm Exec's Brands of Yesteryear: Where Are They Now?

Pharm Exec’s Brand of the Year selections from the last few years are still alive and kicking, although some have aged more gracefully than others. The US drug pricing wars may be coming, but these products already made their mint. We checked back in with them to see how things are going, and to look […]
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Paying for the Future of Medicine

Is the hallmark of innovation higher drug prices? The three leading justifications for sticker-shocking drug prices in the US, from the biopharma perspective, are: 1) it costs a lot to bring a drug to market;* 2) drugs – even very expensive ones – are cheaper in the long run since they prevent complications, hospitalizations and […]
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Vaccine Demand Spurs Innovation

Vaccine development is on a roll, boosted by biomedical research uncovering new molecular targets for preventives and treatments, as well as innovative techniques for enhancing vaccine potency and production. There is high demand for new vaccines to prevent deadly tropical diseases, illustrated by the recent Ebola virus outbreak, and for capacity to respond quickly to […]
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