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Pipeline Report Preview

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Monsanto's Rat Tumor Scare: A Wake-Up Call for the Pharma Industry?

ARE Monsanto’s RAT-TUMOUR SCARES A WAKE-UP CALL TO THE PHARMA INDUSTRY? By Reflector, Brussels correspondent. The furore that burst across Brussels in late September over reported findings of tumors in rats fed with genetically modified maize may seem only tangentially related to the concerns of European pharmaceutical executives — but the significance of the debate […]
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Supreme Court: Prometheus Decision a Harbinger for Myriad?

In judging the Prometheus patents invalid, the Supreme Court may have shown its hand on the upcoming Myriad Genetics case. In a unanimous decision on Tuesday, the Supreme Court stripped two Prometheus patents on the grounds that the company didn’t go far enough beyond merely identifying a natural law. Natural laws – a product of […]
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Highlights from the Leerink Swann Healthcare Conference

Over a hundred public companies, dozens of clinicians, and several regulators participated in investment firm Leerink Swann’s 2012 Healthcare Conference in mid-February. Press was barred from the event, but John Sullivan, Leerink’s director of research, gives PharmExec a few of the take-aways.
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Bringing Genetic Data into the Clinic

While Big Pharma frets over the costs and risks associated with exploratory endpoints in the clinic and the vagaries of companion diagnostic reimbursement, non-profit organizations like the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) are stepping in to provide pharmacogenomic research for the next generation of cancer drugs.
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