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Bristol-Myers Squibb's Summertime Blues

The sun was shining, savory scents were floating out from the grill, the lemonade was mixed and the table was set. But then dark clouds blew in and settled overhead. Bristol-Myers Squibb’s (BMS) picnic got rained out this summer. One element of the rain out was forecasted long ago; Plavix, the multibillion dollar blood-thinner, second […]
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The Cost of Pharma Divorce

Final: THE COST OF PHARMA DIVORCE Corporate spin-offs are on the rise across the pharmaceutical sector, but at what cost to shareholders? Brian McGilligan, AVP, Life Sciences Program Management Consulting Lead at Cognizant argues that in haste to obtain decree absolute, demerging businesses could be threatening their long term viability. Demergers are in fashion again. […]
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GSK: A Rebuffed Suitor for the Moment

By Patricia Van Arnum. Last week Human Genome Sciences (HGS) rejected GlaxoSmithKline’s (GSK) unsolicited $2.59 billion bid for HGS or $13 per share.  Although rejecting GSK’s initial bid, HGS kept the door open for other suitors, including again GSK. HGS has authorized its board of directors to explore strategic alternatives for the company, including a […]
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Trust Issues: Dealing with Academia

Worried they might get taken for a ride, university tech transfer offices are beginning to hire ex-pharma and biotech personnel to help negotiate deals with industry. On exiting a theater, writers are often astounded and dismayed by the film resulting from a screenplay they’ve sold to a producer. Punch-up writers have added corny jokes, directors […]
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VC Funding Floods Colorado Biotechs, But Will It Stifle Innovation?

By Marylyn Donahue. Biotechs in Colorado, US, are enjoying a windfall of funding from Venture Capitalists who have to date invested $66.1 million in six of the state’s companies working in the fields of biofuel, medical devices and biopharma, according to a report released Feb 21 by OnBioVC, a Boulder-based tracker of investments in the […]
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