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The Rise and Rise of Video Marketing

In less than a decade, online video marketing has moved from a standing start to become an essential part of the digital marketing mix. Online analytics experts comScore Inc. recently reported more video was watched online last year than ever before. Almost 90 percent of the American Internet audience viewed online video in December 2013, with […]
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On-Demand Marketing Re-invents Customer Relationships

Staying on top of the marketing information stream can be difficult for your customers, but plans for a ‘holistic’ healthcare network could make relationships easier to manage. 2014 has started the way 2013 ended in the long and painful saga of pharma and Social media. In a January 21st post for Forbes, Ed Silverman reported […]
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Will Pharma CEOs Warm to Social Media in 2014?

Will CEOs use social media in 2014? I find December a fairly schizophrenic month. Half of your head is thinking back to what you’ve achieved, half of your head is focussing forward to what you will do in the New Year. Looking back on 2013, I re-read should CEOs use social media, a post I […]
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Seeing Beyond the Big Data Backlash

There has been a lot of talk lately that ‘Big Data’ is just BS. Peter Houston looks beyond the hype to reveal what companies should be focusing on. Do you remember the first time you heard the phrase ‘Big Data’? Chances are, unless data’s what you do, it was last year. Big Data became big […]
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Pharma Needs To Do More Than Attract Digital Talent

Pharma needs to do more than attract digital talent As digital becomes a greater part of the Pharma marketing mainstream, can the sector attract the digital marketing talent it needs to succeed in the space? That’s a question pondered this week by Rich Meyer on his World of DTC Marketing blog. Rich, ex-Eli Lilly, was […]
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