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Europe: Is National Drug Pricing Freedom Nearing its Expiry Date?

By Reflector, Brussels correspondent. For more than fifty years the basic European Union rules about medicines have been clear. Each member country is free to decide the prices that medicines are sold at in its territory, and what reimbursement should be provided for it. But an observer of the European Parliament discussions in February wouldn’t […]
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Packaging: Regulators Call for Better Patient Information

By Jacob Presson, Research Analyst at Cutting Edge Information. Regulations concerning the contents of patient package inserts (known in the EU as “patient information leaflets” or PILs) have in the past erred on the side of caution, making sure that all of the necessary information about side effects and cross-prescription conflicts was included. Pharmaceutical companies […]
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Highlights from iPharma 2013: Tweet Roundup

CBI’s 12th Annual Digital Innovation Forum, better known as iPharma, covered a broad range of topics from maintaining salient SEO strategy to effectively managing digital project pipelines across different departments. Watch the video below for some of the conversation around the presentations, or to read a more in-depth account, click here.
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US Cuts Could Jeopardize Global Health Innovations, Says Report

Cuts to US global health and research programs for diseases such as AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria risk derailing the innovations crucial to fighting these diseases, according a new report by the Global Health Technologies Coalition.
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Part D Politics: Medicare Drug Rebates or Price Controls?

Jill Wechsler Blog – PE Feb. 22, 2013 Part D Politics:  Medicare drug rebates or price controls? While health care was barely mentioned in the recent State of the Union address, President Obama generated some interest in his proposal to cut Medicare spending by reducing “taxpayer subsidies to prescription drug companies.” That’s code for requiring […]
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