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Amid Flu Epidemic a Focus on Vaccine Innovation

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Pharma Pricing Top Target for Medicare Cutbacks

In the dog-eat-dog world of federal deficit reduction, there seems to be one health-related spending cut with broad bi-partisan support:  require drug companies to give the federal government “a better deal on medications for low-income people on Medicare.” Nearly 70% of respondents back this strategy, according to a survey sponsored by the Kaiser Family Foundation […]
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It's Blind Leading the Blind on Companion Diagnostics

A new report from the Tufts Center for Study of Drug Development (CSDD), confirms that companion diagnostics are an important factor for pharma companies to consider when seeking reimbursement of their drugs. But companies still have a ways to go in allaying the concerns of investors, regulators and payors alike, and fixing this will require […]
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UN Pact Scuttles Anti-Vaccine Provision

A new international agreement to reduce mercury contamination of air and water was recently adopted by 140 countries, without a proposal that threatened to limit access to vaccines in much of the world. The credit goes to public health authorities and medical experts who challenged a provision blocking production of vaccines with the preservative thimerosal, […]
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Specialty Drugs and Reimbursement

To maximize return on investment, pharma must think strategically about reimbursement channels and how new specialty products will perform in one versus another. By 2018, the amount health insurers spend per person on specialty, or biologic drugs, will equal or surpass the amount spent on traditional products, according to a new report. With the emergence […]
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