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Pharma's Reputation: A Boost in the US, but China Strikes a Sour Note

The pharmaceutical industry’s global reputation is on the mend, even if some countries – notably China – are more hostile, according to the latest Ipsos Reputation Snapshot for the Pharmaceutical Sector, from the Ipsos Global Reputation Centre. Since the last Ipsos survey in 2008, pharma’s reputation has improved significantly in the US, more so than […]
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Pharma Gains from Rule On Health Insurance Benefits

Recent change likely to boost drug coverage by plans, but with variation in formularies. Health plans offering coverage to individuals and small companies are more likely to cover multiple drugs in each class or category under revised regulations proposed by the Department of Health and Human Services in November. A key change in rules to […]
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The Bare Essentials: One Way of Looking at HHS's Latest Pitch

Last Tuesday, HHS proposed regulations that, most notably, shed light on one of ACA’s centerpieces: gutting the insurance industry’s ability to limit coverage based on pre-existing conditions, and establishing new criteria for evaluating eligibility.
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PCORI Opens its Pocketbook

The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute, or PCORI, announced last week that it will be granting a total of $12 million for up to 14 contracts for studies aimed at improving upon existing research methodologies to demonstrate clinical effectiveness. The improvements seek to benefit researchers, policy-makers, clinicians, caregivers and patients in making tough healthcare decisions by offering more efficient processes and stronger validation benchmarks for research studies conducted in the public and private sector.
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European Pharma Bets on Greek Salvation

The French philosopher Pascal calculated that it was better to believe in God than to disbelieve. After offering the country a €2.88 billion cap on drug spending, it looks like European pharma is taking that view with regard to Greece. Reflector reports. The European pharma industry looks like it is accepting Pascal’s Wager in Greece. […]
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