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Budget policies jeopardize FDA funding, user fees

Budget policies jeopardize FDA funding, user fees Even though Congress authorized both existing and new user fees for the Food and Drug Administration several months ago through the FDA Safety & Innovation Act (FDASIA), efforts to cut the federal deficit raises questions about how those fees will be collected and used in the coming year. […]
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Open Innovation in Pharma: What Does It Mean?

There’s a lot of talk today about “open innovation” in business and research forums—but what exactly does it mean? How does open innovation as a concept apply to the pharma sector? Does it signal a change in the way pharma companies approach research and innovation? Roy F. Waldron reports. There are a number of highly […]
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The Food and Drug Bar Travels to Brazil

The Food and Drug Bar Travels to Brazil By: Frederick R. Ball Partner, Duane Morris LLP From September 9-12, , members of the U.S. food and drug law bar met with their Brazilian counterparts for the Food and Drug Law Institute’s conference “U.S. & Brazil: Navigating New Frontiers in Pharmaceutical, Medical Device & Food Law […]
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Monsanto's Rat Tumor Scare: A Wake-Up Call for the Pharma Industry?

ARE Monsanto’s RAT-TUMOUR SCARES A WAKE-UP CALL TO THE PHARMA INDUSTRY? By Reflector, Brussels correspondent. The furore that burst across Brussels in late September over reported findings of tumors in rats fed with genetically modified maize may seem only tangentially related to the concerns of European pharmaceutical executives — but the significance of the debate […]
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New Non-Profit Alliance of Big Pharma Firms

By Amy Ritter. Ten biopharmaceutical companies announced the formation of a nonprofit organization called TransCelerate BioPharma, the mission of which is to accelerate the development of new medicines by identifying and solving common drug development challenges.
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