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Medical Journals Follow Docs to the iPad

It’s something of an enigma that most physicians are keen to learn about and use cutting edge medicines and devices for their patients, but are often apathetic or worse when it comes to new communication technologies and digital information exchange. Where else can you spot a fax machine being actively used these days, outside of […]
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Taxpayers and Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Last Friday, an appellate court upheld an earlier judgment allowing government to fund embryonic stem cell research for the development of new therapies. Biotechs and advocacy groups cheered the decision but uncertainty remains, in large part due to the possibility of a Romney administration in the White House.
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Good Policy: The Victim of 'Good Works'?

By Susan Crowley Public policy activities should be a distinct, mission critical function for Big Pharma — our business  depends increasingly on government as a key customer. However, as companies confront the necessity to plump up the bottom line as patents expire, staffing of non-line functions has taken a big hit, with policy advocacy work […]
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EU Pins Hopes on HTA Network for Consensus on Value

The European Union’s proposed health technology assessment network to encourage “cooperation and exchange of scientific information among member states” is a significant step, says Reflector. But, as far as standardizing an approach to value is concerned, will it be a damp squib?
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Paul Ryan and Pharma: The Inside Story

by Tom Norton Well, we certainly have a presidential campaign now, don’t we? Good grief. Since Rep. Paul Ryan was named the Republican VP candidate last week, all hell has broken loose!  Given the intensity of the last few days, you’d think the election was tomorrow… And at some point, you do have to ask […]
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