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Mission Critical: Making Sense of Clinical Trial Costs

Last month, Pharm Exec, the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development and software vendor Clear Trial brought companies together for an editorial exchange on current challenges in budgeting and spend for clinical trials.  The exchange, which is published in this month’s issue of Pharmaceutical Executive, highlights the emergence of efficient trial management as […]
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Comply or Die: Introducing GSK's New Corporate Integrity Agreement

Big pharma talks a lot about the changing business model and placing a new emphasis on patients, but the fact remains that quantity of medicines sold, not quality of care provided, is how to get paid (and how to keep investors happy). Despite its egalitarian trappings, the healthcare “ecosystem” is still dominated by the most […]
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EFPIA Calls for New Deal in Europe

EFPIA president Andrew Witty is hoping that the deepening European economic crisis will impel European leaders towards more courageous and radical solutions, writes Reflector. With the European economic and financial crisis deepening all the time, the healthcare sector in general — and the pharmaceutical sector in particular — faces further constraints from cost cutting. As […]
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