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Naughty Localities Need to Obey NICE, or Else!

Like governors in the US vowing to block Medicaid expansion in their home states, local primary care trusts (PCTs) in the UK don’t always follow national guidelines on drug access due to budgetary concerns. But that may change in 2013; according to comments made by Minister David Willetts last month, NHS could face monetary penalties […]
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Paring the Fat in Clinical Trials

Is too much irrelevant data slogging the pace to registration? Conclusions of a Pharm Exec May 15 Roundtable on finding ways to build efficiencies into an increasingly costly and complex clinical trials process have been bolstered by new research from the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development. Based on extensive survey data drawn […]
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"Data is the New Oil": Open Access to Sweep Europe?

The European Commission has followed the UK government’s plans to make all publicly funded scientific research available for free, announcing that it will improve access to scientific information in Europe. The UK’s proposal, on the table since last year, was confirmed on Monday by Universities and Science Minister David Willetts. The scheme will make research […]
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Can Emerging Markets Emerge Fast Enough?

The IMS Institute’s annual report on global drug spending predicts a slight rebound in developed markets, despite historically low growth rates. In emerging markets, growth continues to be robust, but is it enough to balance the ongoing stagnancy in Europe and the US?
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Pharma Surges Ahead in Online Communications

It may surprise some working in the industry, but pharmaceutical companies, in particular those in Europe, rank among the world’s best online corporate communicators, writes David Bowen. Big Pharma has emerged as among the top online performers in the latest Financial Times–Bowen Craggs Index of web effectiveness, which examines the ‘web estates’ of 81 of […]
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