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The Yin and Yang of the Court Decision on HCR

by Tom Norton If you’re like me, you probably bounded out of bed on Thursday morning, took in all the news you could find about the Supreme Court and healthcare reform…and then you waited.  You waited patiently for the biggest legal call in American healthcare history.  And then, there it was. What did we learn?  […]
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Health Reform Declared Constitutional

It’s back to business for pharma and biotech companies. The main result of the Supreme Court decision upholding the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is that it ends all the rampant speculation and uncertainty about the future shape of the U.S. healthcare system. Now healthcare providers, insurers, medical products makers, and government agencies can move forward […]
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Future Boom in Chronic Cancer Patients Likely to Change the Face of Disease, suggest ASCO Findings

Patients who live for many years following a cancer diagnosis will likely require additional support, and a whole new kind of follow-up care. by John Otrompke Dramatic developments in studies of patients with advanced cancer suggest that the day may be coming within our lifetime when most cancer patients will experience the disease as a […]
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Congress Move Promptly to Finalize FDA User Fees

Legislation fails to establish a national track-and-trace system, but tackles shortages, orphans. House and Senate leaders announced final agreement June 18, 2012 on legislation that authorizes industry user fees to support Food and Drug Administration regulatory programs. The bipartisan measure moved through Congress quickly with an eye to avoid getting tangled up in fallout from […]
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BIO 2012: The Case for Collaboration

Rodney King died on Sunday, but his famous question lives on: “Can we all get along?” At BIO 2012, the proposition seems to be: “Can we all just collaborate?”
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