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C-Suiters: Don't Look Down On Your Middle

Every company director, executive and department head remembers the first time they tackled a real management issue. Perhaps it was settling a team dispute, or keeping the director at bay to protect the morale of the team. Perhaps you navigated the task with great skill, diplomacy and aplomb. Or, perhaps, like me, there was a […]
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Too Much Sauce Hollandaise? Pharma, France, and Socialism

Will France’s new socialist president, François Hollande, prove too strong for pharma’s taste? Reflector, Pharm Exec’s EU correspondent, reports. So it has happened. A leading European country has gone against the predominant political grain, and elected a socialist head of state. France is now ruled by François Hollande, a mild-mannered but avowedly drug-industry-skeptical president. Is […]
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Show Me the Money: Exploring Physician Incentive Compensation

A new report from ZS Associates explores the efficacy and impact of physician incentive compensation on the delivery of quality care; when incentives fall short, so can patient outcomes.
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Will WHO Member States Pony Up for Neglected Diseases?

Recognizing that traditional market forces – namely incentives related to intellectual property and a steady demand for products – have failed in developing countries, the World Health Organization (WHO) asked a member state-nominated group to come up with ways to fund R&D and pay for the treatment of neglected diseases in the world’s poorest nations. […]
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Clayton Christensen on the Future of Pharma

A keynote speaker at the 9thAnnual SaS Health Care & Life Sciences Executive Conference on May 10, ‘disruptive’ author of The Innovator’s Dilemma and Harvard business professor Clayton Christensen sat down with PharmExec to discuss the future of the pharmaceutical industry, and what Mitt Romney could bring to the White House.
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