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Patient Assistance Programs: Are They Still Relevant?

One of the key reputational assets of Big Pharma is the patient assistance program [PAP], which provides patented innovative medicines to needy patients for free or at a nominal charge – it’s the industry’s own branded version of the social safety net. But a shifting landscape of government fiscal pressures, economic decline and the erratic […]
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Mastering Medical Animation

By Jane Hurd, President, The Association of Medical Illustrators We thank you and your editorial staff for publishing the article titled ‘How to Choose a Medical Animator’ in the 1 February issue of Pharmaceutical Executive. This is a common industry challenge — choosing a qualified, knowledgeable, and trustworthy media partner in what is a significant […]
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Missed Opportunities in Advanced Data Analytics

SAS’s Brad Sitler talks about the importance of incremental sales, customer proximity, and anticipating a compensation model based on health outcomes
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Merck KGaA Announces Restructuring

Merck KGaA announced measures intended to reduce costs and increase efficiency to ensure the long-term success of its business model. The measures are part of a comprehensive transformation program that will be implemented in two phases. In the first two years, Merck plans to implement a new leadership organization, implement efficiency measures, and develop a […]
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VC Funding Floods Colorado Biotechs, But Will It Stifle Innovation?

By Marylyn Donahue. Biotechs in Colorado, US, are enjoying a windfall of funding from Venture Capitalists who have to date invested $66.1 million in six of the state’s companies working in the fields of biofuel, medical devices and biopharma, according to a report released Feb 21 by OnBioVC, a Boulder-based tracker of investments in the […]
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