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Should Smokers Cough Up Money for Cancer Research?

This June, Californians will be asked whether cigarette smokers should subsidize research to treat diseases related to smoking cigarettes. California’s Proposition 29, if passed, would levy an additional tax of $1 on every pack of smokes sold in the state beginning in October 2012. The tax would generate an estimated $615 million in 2012/2013, and […]
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The JOBS Act: A Boost for Biopharma?

Amid one of the most divisive eras in our nation’s political history, one thing we can all pretty much agree on is the fact that our stalled economic engine needs a jumpstart. According to recent data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national unemployment rate has been above 8% for more than three […]
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Fabry Disease Drug Shortage: Crisis Averted But No Long-Term Fix

By Amy Ritter. A critical drug that has experienced shortages is Genzyme’s Fabrazyme (agalsidase beta), the only enzyme replacement therapy approved in the US for Fabry disease. The drug was originally produced at the company’s Allston, Massachusetts plant. The Allston plant was plagued with quality problems, which resulted in a consent decree, temporary closure of […]
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Supreme Court: Prometheus Decision a Harbinger for Myriad?

In judging the Prometheus patents invalid, the Supreme Court may have shown its hand on the upcoming Myriad Genetics case. In a unanimous decision on Tuesday, the Supreme Court stripped two Prometheus patents on the grounds that the company didn’t go far enough beyond merely identifying a natural law. Natural laws – a product of […]
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UK Pharma/Bio Responds to 'Predictable' Budget

UK pharma and biopharma was quick to respond positively to the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s annual Budget speech last week, despite some industry disappointment at a fiscal program widely derided as safe, neutral, and, in Andrew Goodwin of Ernst & Young’s words, “one of the most predictable” of recent times. 
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