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Talkback from Tufts: Defending R&D Costs

by Joe DiMasi, director of economic analysis, Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development William Looney’s posting for this blog, “Calculating the Cost of R&D: Defending Tufts Research” (January 11, 2012), raises a number of interesting and important points.  Both the posting and the working paper by F.M. Scherer on which the posting was […]
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Patient Recruitment via Social Media: Lessons Learned

By Marylyn Donahue. All-told the Mayo Clinic’s recent pilot study on clinical trial patient recruitment using social media and online networks not only helped researchers assemble large and demographically diverse patient groups more quickly, but also less expensively than they could through other means. “This study is a prime example of patient-initiated research that could […]
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Witty Touts GSK Pipeline in 4th Quarter Review

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Shrinking Economy Hits California Biosector

By Amy Ritter, Pharmaeutical Technology. A report released on Feb. 8, 2012 from the California Healthcare Institute, BayBio and PwC shows that the shrinking economy, changes in investment strategies, and pressures on the pharmaceutical market have put the brakes on one of the US’s most robust biotechnology centers. California had enjoyed steady growth in its […]
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Medical Economics: New Highs for a Historic Brand

Medical Economics has been named "Media Brand of the Year" but MM&M magazie, one of sister publication Pharm Exec's main competitors.
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