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A Simple Plan (to Save US Pharma Manufacturing)

Fernando Muzzio and Mauricio Futran propose a plan to turn around pharmaceutical manufacturing in the US. Pharmaceutical manufacturing in the US is in rapid decline. Higher regulatory standards for efficacy and safety, among other reasons, have led to a significant level of difficulty in replacing “blockbusters” developed in the 1980s and 1990s that are now […]
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Tiered Pricing Not Always a Win-Win

Tiered pricing, or selling critical medicines to developing countries at a standardized discount price, can improve access in the short term, but arbitrary demographic groupings and misaligned incentives often stack the deck in favor of manufacturers, not patients.
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The Real Way to Lean Success: Suck Out the IT Fat

The bigger the company, the thicker the sclerosis, the more they need to suck out the fat, writes Bill Drummy. Consider this: In 2011, IMS projects US Rx market growth to be 2.7 percent. The top 10 pharma companies account for 50 percent of the entire market’s revenue, but will deliver only 10 percent of […]
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Why the Delay on Facts Boxes?

Despite a near-complete absence of criticism coming from industry, academia, clinicians and patients, the drug facts box – a concise, quantitative, easy-to-read format for presenting a drug’s risk/benefit profile in print advertisements – seems at least three years away from launch.
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Patients and Payers: Aligning Incentives in Phase IV

by Patrick Chassaigne These days, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies need to demonstrate innovation and differentiation as they launch new products to market. Some of the critical questions asked by regulatory agencies, insurance payers, government health authorities, physicians and patients are: What is the value of this medication? How does it compare to other treatments? Is […]
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