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Is Going Global the Next Stage of Patient Engagement?

All major players in the pharmaceutical industry are multi-national organizations. Patient organizations, on the other hand, rarely cross borders. Maybe it’s time they should.  Certainly the pace of change in our industry is heading in that direction. The barriers to a global patient organization include disconnected national regulatory standards; language gaps;  cultural biases;  lack of […]
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Got Ideas About Medicare and Medicaid Reform?

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) is now accepting applications for its Innovation Advisors Program. The CMMI, created by the Affordable Care Act, is tasked with “testing new models of healthcare delivery and payment.”
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A New Approach to India and China?

Executives faced with mouth-watering growth rates in the Chinese and Indian pharmaceutical markets – as opposed to broad plateaus in the US and Europe – should first think about what they have to offer, instead of what they can grab, according to panelists at the Center for Healthcare Innovation’s inaugural symposium. Scarcity in both countries […]
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It's Industry's Problem: A Fresh Take on R&D Costs

High in-house failure rates are slowing progress on pricing affordability, says GSK CEO Andrew Witty. If there is one message that big pharma has applied consistently over the years, it is that drug development is very expensive. Big bucks and long-term investment in the institutional know-how and capacity built exclusively through private enterprise are what […]
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Compliance Top Driver of Change, Survey Says

Last year, only two percent of the respondents surveyed by Cegedim cited regulatory and compliance issues as a driver of new technology adoption, and six percent said regulatory and compliance was a primary driver of pharmaceutical business model or process change. A lot can happen in a year.
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