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Evaluating Expanded Access Programs

Pharmaceutical Executive recently spoke with David Vance, Senior Director of the Compliance Counsel at Noven Pharmaceuticals, about the birth of Expanded Access Programs and the role patient advocacy groups can play in shaping those programs.
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Mission Critical: Innovation and American Business

On the heels of President Obama’s unveiling of the American Jobs Act, Synta Pharmaceuticals CEO Safi Bahcall  – who attended the president’s jobs speech last week as a special guest of House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) – spoke to Pharmaceutical Executive about the role of government in supporting innovation.
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The HCR Taxman Cometh

By Tom Norton As the country struggles with the current economic malaise, and the pharmaceutical industry enters into yet another difficult quarter of “trying to make the numbers,” one matter that I doubt many Rx execs are thinking about today is the HCR Taxman.  That’s too bad.  They probably should.  That’s because he’s coming for […]
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Ron Paul: FDA Regulations Do As Much Harm As Good

Following on Gov. Rick Perry’s call for “some provocative language in this country” during last week’s GOP debate at the Reagan Library, Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) said federal drug regulations “don’t take good care of us.”
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PBMs to Super Committee: Take $100 Billion From Pharma

A trade group representing the largest pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs) has proposed a way to trim $100 billion in government costs for prescription drugs over 10 years. To the pharmaceutical industry, that trim might look more like a beheading.
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