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Prix Galien: Pharma R&D and Payers Need to Talk, Yesterday

R&D departments and payers need to communicate early in the drug development process: If pharma is a day late, then payers are likely to be a dollar short, according to panelists at the Galien Forum on Tuesday.
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Bringing Genetic Data into the Clinic

While Big Pharma frets over the costs and risks associated with exploratory endpoints in the clinic and the vagaries of companion diagnostic reimbursement, non-profit organizations like the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) are stepping in to provide pharmacogenomic research for the next generation of cancer drugs.
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Value Isn't Just Dollars and Cents, says Pfizer Exec

Now that 90% of the top 43 countries for drug sales have instituted “significant” cost containment measures, it’s more important than ever to give payers the rest of the story, according to a Pfizer executive.
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Deals Don't Need Science To Be A Success

Deals don’t need science to be a success By Brian McGilligan, Partner, Pharmaceutical Practice, PIPC Ex Pfizer R&D boss, John L. LaMattina recently proclaimed that Big Pharma mergers are crippling science. Whether or not you agree, mergers are a core part of business and the chances of safe-guarding future R&D investment in merged companies will […]
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Obama Deficit Plan Sides With PBMs Over Big Pharma

Amid the flurry of cost-cutting proposals aimed at guiding the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction’s (Super Committee) budgetary blade, the Obama Administration has now weighed in with a proposal to cut $248 billion from Medicare spending over ten years, and $73 billion in Medicaid and other health-related spending. The Obama plan, which would increase […]
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