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DIA: Social Media Guidelines are DDMAC’s "Highest Priority"

Tom Abrams, director of FDA’s Division (soon to be Office) of Drug Marketing, Advertising & Communications (DDMAC), said that publishing social media guidelines for industry is the division’s “highest priority,” and that the document will be “published as soon as it’s vetted.”
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DIA: Does Six Sigma Stifle R&D Innovation?

Can the management style known as Six Sigma help improve the probability of a drug’s commercial success, or do its black-belted acolytes punch holes in the creative process needed for innovative R&D discovery?
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Pharma “Channels” Patient Engagement

New disease-specific television networks shown in physicians’ offices provide education for patients and advertising at the point of contact for pharma companies. What if pharma companies had one last chance to reach patients, just before they walked into the exam room to speak to their physicians? What if the very last word a patient heard […]
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Pharma Complexity Is Leading to Loss of Profits

It will take far more than factory closures to simplify the pharma industry, write Melvin Jay and Professor Simon Collinson. When pharmaceutical giant Novartis announced it was likely to close its West Sussex (UK) factory, it came as no surprise to the pharmaceutical industry — as Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Glaxo had done the same. While […]
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Pfizer Asks Patients to Test Themselves

Can patients uphold the rigorous standards of clinical testing, outside of the clinic? Pfizer is betting that they can, at least for a drug that’s already spent a decade on the market. Last week, Pfizer announced its new Research on Electronic Monitoring of OAB Treatment Experience (REMOTE) project—a clinical trial for already-approved overactive bladder medication […]
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