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The High Cost of Staying Lean

It’s annual meeting time for Big Pharma — and trimming the fat to deliver more bacon to shareholders is the C suite’s preferred plat du jour. But taking costs out of the business can carry a staggering special supplement charge to the menu, with far more at stake than the economizing equivalent of that McDonald’s […]
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A Brighter Future for Biotech

A new report commissioned by the Biotech Industry Organization (BIO) proposes new creative solutions to the current problems facing the biotech industry. While the report recognizes that changes cannot happen overnight, the suggestions here may be the first small steps on the path to improving the sector’s potential for growth. “The Road to a Brighter […]
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Governor Howard Dean: Financing the Future of US Drug Innovation

Will it be More Good Pills — Or that Porsche? The Obama Administration’s signal achievement to date — passage of comprehensive health reform legislation — continues to inspire confusion and contradictions across the political spectrum. Despite its scope, the bill is dismissed by many Democrats for what it does not do, while the GOP references […]
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How Will Accountable Care Organizations Hit Drug Sales?

It’s not yet clear whether physicians will rush to form accountable care organizations (ACOs) in light of newly proposed Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) guidelines, which are lengthy, but pharmaceutical companies hoping to do business with ACOs will have to show that expensive brand drugs can offer not just better health outcomes, but […]
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