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First Chinese Product Development Partnership Targets Tuberculosis, Malaria, AIDS

A Chinese scientific foundation and a not-for-profit tuberculosis organization announced a partnership aimed at developing new medicines for underserved public health diseases. Billed as the first Chinese product development partnership (PDP), the Global Health R&D Center of China (GHRC) hopes to discover and develop new treatments for tuberculosis (TB) and other diseases by collaborating with […]
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Two 'Most Promising' New Drugs Face Setbacks in US

Two of the drugs named “most promising” in Thomson Reuters’ recent quarterly report hit snags in the US, despite European approval. Those two products – AstraZeneca’s Brilique (Brilinta in the US), a blood thinner, and Pharming’s Ruconest (Rhucin in the US) – were held up during FDA’s review process. Brilique (ticagrelor), AstraZeneca’s leading pipeline drug, […]
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Fact Versus Fact: When Will the Numbers Add Up?

An ongoing debate has journalists, investment analysts, pharma companies, government officials, and economists all stating the “facts” about the cost of new drug R&D. But if the numbers and data are indisputable, why are there two opposing conclusions? The debate is worth watching, given the growing view that the industry’s business model—based on extensive in-house […]
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'Freedom of Thought' Key to Middle East Science Progress

A new report from Thomson Reuters points to a “rapidly changing context for science and innovation in the Middle East.” The Arabian, Persian and Turkish Middle East may currently produce only 4% of the world’s scientific literature, but the output is growing rapidly, according to a new Global Research Report from Thomson Reuters. Indeed, countries […]
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