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Is Hungary Hungry Enough for Pharma?

Hungary has taken over the chair of the EU Council, but European pharma is unlikely to gain much from its surface enthusiam, writes Reflector. A new, young, and supposedly business-friendly democracy has swung into European action this month. Hungary, one of the most recent countries to join the European Union, took over the chair of […]
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The Happiness Quotient: Can it Build the Economic Case for Pharma?

The latest vogue in economics is the effort to quantify the impact of personal well-being on growth and productivity performance.  The idea is to establish that if a population is “happy,” a country’s economic performance and output will improve — or at least be showcased in a better light. The notion is fanciful to many, […]
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NIH Director Speaks Out on the Institutes' New Remit

As the National Institutes for Health hits the headlines over its remit to help develop new medicines, Director Francis Collins talks to Pharm Exec about the new initiatives he sees as critical for innovation, industry and public health. Francis Collins devoted more than 15 years in the lab to deciphering the human genome. Ten years […]
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New Roster of Players to Debate Comparative Effectiveness Standards

Methodologies are the heart of any consistent approach to certifying comparative effectiveness for new medicines—semantics aside, it’s the way payers and providers are going to determine clinical “value” and, by subtle extrapolation, their cost against existing alternative therapies. Last week, the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute [PCORI] created through federal health reform legislation moved one […]
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New Transparency in UK Pharma: A Bitter Pill to Swallow?

In November 2010, members of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) voted in favour of changes to its Code of Practice, with a view to breaking down ‘barriers to trust’ between healthcare professionals and the pharma. The amendments apply to clauses regarding consultant payments and meeting sponsorship. Under the new 2011 Code, pharma […]
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