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Exclusive Interview: The European Medicine Agency's Thomas Lönngren

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is a unique institution, pursuing a mandate shared with a complex web of national and regional groups, each able to place a distinctive imprint around the delicate task of certifying the safety and efficacy of new drugs. In return, EMA has made a virtue of necessity. It filled the regulatory […]
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EU Health Commissioner Emerges from the Dark

After a period of near invisibility, the EU’s health commissioner John Dalli has begun to make some higher profile appearance. Pharm Exec’s Europe correspondent Reflector assesses how these have been received by the pharma industry. Just before the holiday break, John Dalli, the European Union’s unobtrusive commissioner for health, has at last emerged from obscurity […]
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Workforce Shortage in Oncology Imminent

Supply and demand for oncology specialists is expected to become even more unbalanced in the US market over the next 10 years, particularly as the new health reform legislation creates more uncertainty for the reimbursement of the high cost biologic treatments now coming on stream. Several survey are documenting the shortage and suggesting that the […]
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Docs Get Smart with New Technology

Pri-Med, a provider of professional education solutions to a community of 235,000+ primary care physicians (PCPs), recently surveyed PCPs on their use of smartphones. The results of a recent survey of more than 700 primary care physicians nationwide shed light on the current adoption rate of smartphone usage, how PCPs are using the devices, and […]
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What Happens When the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Goes Global?

A report by PwC on managing the global supply chain—based on a survey of industry  executives around the globe—provides a road map for achieving real-time control over the supply chain, as well as a call to action for better collaboration with suppliers, distributors, shippers and regulators. Global pharmaceutical outsourcing has become increasingly prevalent, but is […]
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