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Pharma Is Over the Social Media Hump. Now What?

So, pharma is — arguably — “over the social media hump.” Everyone now “wants to do it”. But how does pharma do it? How can companies successfully use social media to market their messages and their products? That’s the question addressed in Pharm Exec‘s new episode of Pharma Faceoff, chaired by Barbara Ryan of Deutsche […]
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Emerging Countries Closing in on Western R&D

UNESCO report reveals seismic shift in the world’s R&D balance. The US, Europe, and Japan may still be leading the global R&D effort, but emerging countries, especially China, are hot on their heels, says a UNESCO report launched yesterday (World Science Day). While investment in R&D is growing globally in volume, the emerging countries are […]
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Will Patients Ever Comply?

Everyone knows patients don’t do what they are told. Jacky Law looks at what can be done about it. There can be few areas of research that are as extensive and as inconclusive as that which seeks to understand why patients don’t follow doctors’ orders. According to an April 2008 IMS Health analysis of the […]
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US Mid-Term Elections: What It Means for Pharma

Daily News Nugget US Mid-Term Elections:  What it Means for Pharma Drink up, even if it’s  only old wine in new bottles… Yesterday’s mid-term congressional poll barely changes the stakes for pharma in its pursuit of its US legislative and regulatory agenda.    The key message coming out of the results is stalemate on the […]
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Reaching 'the Customer': A Q&A with Sheri Dodd

As a unique mix of payers, providers, patients and industry executives prepare to convene for CBI’s first Commercialization and Market Access Congress in Orlando next month, Pharm Exec editor-in-chief William Looney sits down with Congress co-chair Sheri Dodd of Medtronic to review key themes and trends likely to dominate the two days of discussion. William […]
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