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Commercial Use of Physician Information Law Overturned

The ruling is likely to force state legislatures considering such bans to reconsider or fine tune their approach, as the First Amendment right to communicate appears to have trumped more parochial concerns about saving money on drugs. The US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit recently ruled that a Vermont law restricting the commercial use […]
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Compliance and Disclosure Risks on Anti-Competitive Promotional Spend: Is EuroLand Set to Follow the US?

New Cegedim survey documents whether European industry is ready for the challenge. Making sense of the promotional spend and anti-corruption compliance burden is emerging as a key strategic issue for pharma — not just in the US but in the global market space as well, where regulatory safeguards are still porous. New survey research just […]
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A Closer Look at ProPublica

An investigative journalism organization recently took an in-depth look at pharma with its ”Dollars for Docs” report. In return, PharmExec takes a close look back at ProPublica. Last month, PharmExec’s senior editor Walter Armstrong blogged about news organization ProPublica’s “Dollars for Docs” report, in which ProPublica—along with other news sources including National Public Radio, the […]
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GE Capital CFO Survey Reveals State of Pharma Industry in 2010, 2011

Industry CFOs are driving much of the current strategy of big pharma, which is to push costs of administration and selling down to compensate for low rates of organic growth through new product introductions. This survey of their views is timely and important in gauging the direction of pharma strategy in the next year. Last week, […]
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Merck Gets to the Heart of the Matter

Merck may have succeeded in making a molecule that increases “good cholesterol,” which is likely the only real breakthrough left in the anti-cholesterol and hypertension market. It has long been known that elevated LDL cholesterol and reduced HDL cholesterol are major risk factors for developing cardiovascular disease. And while much ado has been made about […]
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