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Big Pharmas Mystery Market Segment

Just who are those “bottom billion” potential consumers in developing countries?  A new report sheds some light. Big Pharma’s future depends on tapping new sources of business opportunity.  One segment on virtually everyone’s must do list is the “bottom billion”—poor consumers in the world’s poorer countries. Market analysis suggests that when the bottom billion’s potential […]
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Avandia, Pharma, and the New FDA

The Harvard prof who wrote the book on FDA (literally) deconstructs the decision on Avandia—and its future implications. GlaxoSmithKline’s diabetes drug Avandia became mired in such controversy regarding its safety in recent years that it was dubbed “another Vioxx”—exactly what the pharmaceutical industry had vowed never to produce. Two weeks ago, FDA’s decided to restrict […]
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Marketing: A Digital Disconnect

Peter Houston is concerned that pharma is taking too long getting to grips with digital marketing. I was at the 2nd European DigiPharm conference in London last week. I didn’t manage the whole two days, but what I did see left me a little concerned that pharma is still struggling with digital marketing. This is […]
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The Thing About SitesLikeThese

Sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll are infiltrating pharma. Jacky Law reflects on the benefits of the digital world. Epiphany moments come when you least expect them. I had the taste of one recently when I heard a senior pharma sales manager on video describing his previous life as a rock journalist. The jolt […]
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Affordable Access to HIV Meds on the Way

UNITAID’s Medicines Patent Pool seeks to bring costly HIV/AIDS treatments and other essential drugs to low-income countries by requiring patent-holders to license their technologies to generics manufacturers. Will pledges of support from the NIH bring some of these patent-holders back to the negotiating table? A new way for patients to have access to affordable HIV […]
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