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Takeda Launches New Plan, Cuts US Jobs

Image via Wikipedia The Japanese are taking a play from the US pharmaceutical industry’s rulebook and restructuring itself under the auspices of a fun catch phrase: “Transformation for a New Takeda.” The punch line, however, isn’t too funny. According to a two-year mid-range plan announced yesterday, Takeda will cut about 1,400 positions in the US […]
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A Crash Course in SaaS

Image via Wikipedia Our magazine is called Pharmaceutical Executive—indicating a focus on the c-suite. But we know many of our readers aren’t executives (yet), and may not have quite the same in-depth knowledge as their bosses. So, for those who hear the term “SaaS” bandied about in conversations and fake their way through discussions about […]
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Unbranded Pharma Sites Gain Traction

Image by alles-schlumpf via Flickr The popularity of unbranded pharma Web sites amongst consumers appears to be on an up tick, according to new data released by Manhattan Research this week. The report, “Unbranded Web sites: Brand Reach throughout the Patient Life Cycle” looked at how many consumers actively use unbranded pharma sites and to […]
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BIO Convention: Potemkin Pavilions and the Power of NICE

Image by Getty Images via Daylife Last week’s annual meeting of BIO in Chicago once again proved illustrative in showcasing the high profile that governments now plays as the biotech sector’s chief advocate. While private venture capitalists confined themselves to the margins of the meeting, the Convention hall was bursting at the seams with host […]
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Pfizer NYC Tower Up For Sale

Image by Getty Images via Daylife Pfizer’s New York tower is on the market, but the pharma giant is not planning on leaving Manhattan. The New York Times, on Tuesday, reported that the company is willing to put millions of dollars in tax breaks on the line to consolidate its New York offices. “We are […]
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