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Takeda Launches New Plan, Cuts US Jobs

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited
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The Japanese are taking a play from the US pharmaceutical industry’s rulebook and restructuring itself under the auspices of a fun catch phrase: “Transformation for a New Takeda.”

The punch line, however, isn’t too funny.

According to a two-year mid-range plan announced yesterday, Takeda will cut about 1,400 positions in the US to fend off loss of revenue due to looming generic competition. That number includes about 28 percent of the sales and marketing division and 20 percent of employees at the drug development center, according to Business Week.

Takeda’s billion-dollar blockbuster Actos is set to lose patent exclusivity in two years, and the company is still reeling from generic competition with its heartburn medication Prevacid.

Most of the job losses will be in the Chicago offices, particularly in the Deerfield and Lake Forrest offices and R&D center. According to the company, it plans to “shift to lean and flexible marketing organizational networks that can flexibly respond to changes in the business environment and product mix.”

“Takeda has experienced halted development in some pipelines and delays in obtaining drug approvals,” it stated in a release. “The company has therefore decided to respond flexibly to these changes in the business environment and ensure a sustained growth trajectory by developing and implementing a Mid-Range Plan starting in the fiscal 2010, one year ahead of schedule.”

Takeda is forecasting a net profit loss of 26 percent and a 4.5 percent drop in sales. The company is banking on a number of new products—primarily in metabolic/CV, oncology, and CNS. It currently has four new treatments filed, and another 10 in Phase II trials. The company expects to recover by 2016.

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